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The World is Not Ending - Vol.1 Album Cover


The World is Not Ending Vol. 1

The first installment in a collection of Lo-Fi beats

Featured Tracks

Even Though You're Gone
All We Knew
Forever & Ever


The World is Not Ending Vol. 1 is my first foray into the popular Lo-Fi genre and is the result of much analysis of Lo-Fi instrumentation, arrangement, production techniques, and overall feel. To be released in August 2020, it is a twenty-minute long collection of instrumental beats designed to be enjoyed while studying, working, or relaxing.

Concept and Inspiration

I first heard the Lo-Fi genre a few years ago through a popular channel and music label called Chillhop Records. The sound encompassed many things that I enjoy about music, including jazz influences, infectious grooves, and simple but effective hooks. I've also had a long-time fascination with music that is intended to relax the listener, or to serve some purpose other than strictly entertainment. So in late 2019 I decided to try my hand at my own Lo-Fi tracks.

To learn about the genre, I of course listened to many of the current popular Lo-Fi producers, as well as some jazz and funk greats such as Chick Corea. His sizzling electric piano sound that he used during his Return to Forever era really struck me, and it ended up becoming a prominent sound on my own recording.

Writing and Production

When writing the parts I tried to keep the production as minimal as possible. In fact, this is probably just an evidence of my exploration of a minimal aesthetic across all my creative works. The goal was to create music that would only slightly catch the listener's attention-- not to distract or be listened to "actively." I programmed short, slightly repetitive beats with a light melodic hook, and I felt that would be enough. The mood or vibe that the track created was very much the main focus.

As with all my audio production, I employed Ableton Live software and various midi controllers to do the job. Software plugins included Serum, Sylenth, TAL-UNO, Soundtoys, FabFilter, VinylFX, and Waves.

Release and Marketing Efforts

When it came time to name the work, I decided to send a message, since there were no lyrics with which to do so (I may sing on future installments, but this doesn't seem to be a popular trend in Lo-Fi). With the world in turmoil due to the Coronavirus and other social injustice issues, I named the album The World is Not Ending, intended as a hopeful reminder to potential listeners. Even the track titles themselves contain a cryptic message if one reads them in succession:

"Even though you're gone, forgetting all we knew forever and ever, it's okay. Dive into the dust. The world is not ending."


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